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Registering with Kids Casting Call Pro

Does my child need to have an agent?

No. In order to join Kids Casting Call Pro your child does not need professional representation, but agents are worth looking into and, if you don't already have representation, you may find this a useful guide.

Does my child have to be at stage school?

It's not a requirement for our service, but it is worth considering stage school, part-time theatre classes, and getting involved with your local theatre groups, as all of these should help to broaden the child's experience and understanding of an acting environment and the demands of the profession. In a competitve industry, practical acting experience can be of enormous benefit.

Can I take my child out of school if they get a role?

You must obtain a Child Performance Licence from your Local Education Authority (LEA) if a child under compulsory school leaving age is engaged in a professional performance (whether it's modelling, stage, screen, theatre or any other paid peformance work) or the performance would require them to be absent from school. The Licence must be obtained before the performance. Click here for more details on performance licensing.

Are there fees to join Kids Casting Call Pro?

Currently membership of Kids Casting Call Pro and inclusion in the KCCP directory costs £10+VAT per month, which you can cancel at any time. See our guide to payment plans.

Who registers and updates the profile?

The profile is created and updated by the actor's agent, parent or legal guardian - registration details will be sent to them and should, at all times, be kept private. For reasons of security we require profile data to be inputted and maintained by the agent, parent or guardian.

Whose contact details are registered?

The contact details should be those of the agent, or in the case of those who don't have representation, the parent or legal guardian. When casting professionals wish to enquire about opr audition the child actor, all contacts will be via the agent or parent / legal guardian. At no point will contact be direct with the child.

Do I need a professional headshot?

Yes, we only accept photographs of professional standard. Profiles without a professional headshot will not be accepted onto the system. If you are looking for a photographer you will find some listed here.

Can you guarantee work?

We make no guarantee that your child will be called for auditions or will, if attending auditions, go on to be cast. The industry is such that we can't make guarantees (and you should be wary of companies that make such claims), though we can ensure that their professional online profile is included in our directory searchable by casting directors and other industry professionals and that we will alert you to suitable castings and auditions.

Do you negotiate fees or take commission?

We're not an agency, so we don't negotiate fees or take commission. If your child doesn't yet have representation it's a good idea to try to find an agent. Agencies will be able to negotiate fees and advise on employment conditions, governmental educational requirements for children employed as professional actors, and chaperoning.

If you meet the requirements outlined above and wish to proceed, please